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Looking for a quality multipurpose woodworking machine at the most affordable prices? Do you want superior power, reliability, and extreme performance from your woodworking machine? If you have answered yes to these questions, then you should consider investing in the Lida woodworking machine. This machine is quality made to last you for a really long time. This is the one investment in your workshop that you can rely for years on end. Besides, the machine is also highly efficient and guarantees you smooth performance every time regardless of the functions you are performing with it.

Speaking of functions, Lida woodworking machine is the most versatile woodworking machine offering you eight different functions in one. Amazing right? With this woodworking machine you can perform the following functions; surface planing, mortising, thicknessing, sawing, rabbeting, sharpening, routing and cross cutting. It is one of the most functional tools available in the market today.

The table is made of solid cast iron giving you good stability even when you are working with big and heavy pieces of wood. Plus, the cast iron finish is professional and smooth allowing you to achieve the highest levels of accuracy when performing any of the functions you can do with this machine.

That is not all, the Lida woodworking machine is one of the easiest to use in the market. The adjustments are super easy to control and especially with the thicknessing system. Plus, there are clear and easy to read hatch marks on each system for easy measurements. The Lida woodworking machine is a dream to own and it can be yours today at the most affordable price.

Lida ML393A Woodworking Machine 12" with 3hp motor - Price Ksh 125,000

Milano Wood Lathe Machine (550W)  - Price Ksh 70,000 

Ryobi WL-2000 Wood Lathe Machine (550W) -1000mm - Price Ksh 97,000

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Multipurpose woodworking machine price in kenya

Buying a woodworking machine is a serious investment for professional woodworkers. It is this machine that you will rely on to perform most of the functions that would otherwise be performed by a myriad of power tools in your workshop. If you are in the market for a professional woodworking machine with the best return on investment, then you should consider the Lida woodworking machine which is now available in Kenya.

Lida is a prominent brand when it comes to woodworking machines. Lida woodworking machines are known for their quality and affordable prices. For many businesses, Lida is value for money. When you invest your money in the Lida woodworking machine, you are sure to amortize or recoup your investment quickly. This is because;

  • Lida woodworking machine is highly efficient in operation and therefore it doesn't hike your power bills.
  • The machine is durable so you can have it for decades on end without requiring a new one. Unless of course you are expanding your business and need to add another machine but not because it has stalled.
  • The machine is reliable and requires minimal maintenance and repairs thus lowering your running costs. Less costs mean more profits at the end of the day for you.

Why should you consider Lida woodworking machine?

There are so many brands of woodworking machines available in Kenya. Why Lida woodworking machine? Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy;

Enjoy many functions

Lida is a multipurpose woodworking machine with more functions than most other brands in the market. This machine can be used for;

  • Thicknessing
  • Mortising
  • Sawing
  • Planing
  • Sharpening
  • Rabbeting
  • Routing
  • Drilling

With all of these 8 different functions in one tool you save so much money having to invest in the many tools. Also, working with just one tool saves you a lot of time because you just switch from one function to the other. No more wasting time searching for tools that might have been misplaced in the workshop or that your neighbor could have borrowed.

You get absolute power output

It goes without saying that power is important in a woodworking machine and with Lida you have absolute power at your disposal. Why is power important? When you have enough power you are able to cut through thick pieces of wood and to work with hardwood pieces like oak and others with ease. The machine also performs all the other functions like thicknessing, planing and mortising with a lot of ease regardless of the type of wood you are working with. This is the dream of every woodworker and it can be fulfilled with a Lida woodworking machine. The machine comes with a rated 3HP heavy duty motor to give you all the power you need, when you need it.

High power efficiency

It doesn't make economic sense to invest in an expensive machine and then have to pay outrageous power bills to keep it running. For a business, efficiency is important if you are to keep using the tool and make profit at the end of the day. Lida woodworking machine is made with efficiency in mind. The motor is made with more copper to ensure you get more power in a small package.

What's more, the design of the machine is innovative to ensure that power losses through friction and other loopholes are greatly minimized. As such, the power input is as close as possible to the output you get which means you spend less for more power.

Single phase power input

If you work from your home or for people in the remote areas without 3-phase power input, you can now get a woodworking machine that doesn't require 3-phase power. The Lida woodworking machine comes complete with a single phase power motor meaning anyone in Kenya can use it. You can now be a professional regardless of where you are in the country and scale your business to the next level.

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If you would like to enjoy these and many more benefits of owning the Lida woodworking machine, then we can help. We are renowned and prominent suppliers of Lida woodworking machines in Kenya. We have been in business for a long time and cooperate directly with the manufacturer to bring these quality products to you at the best prices possible. If you see an original Lida machine somewhere, we probably supplied it.

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