How it Works

A woodworking machine is any type of machine used to work wood to impart it to the required size, shape or finish. Woodworking machines can be manual or powered, with the latter being more preferred because of high efficiency and productivity achieved. However, for the professionals that are serious about woodworking enters multipurpose woodworking machines.

A good example of this machine is the 8 in 1 Lida woodworking machine that you can now access in Kenya. How does a multipurpose woodworking machine operate? The machine is a stationary machine assembled into a working station or table. These machines can perform different functions with some able to work wood in five different ways while others like the Lida woodworking machine can perform eight different functions.

The eight functions this machine perform include; mortising, surface planing, thicknessing, rebating, sawing, routing, sharpening and drilling. With all of these different functions in one, you get the flexibility you need when working wood from raw lumber into a decorated product.

Multipurpose woodworking machines are usually electric. They come with powerful motors able to perform the many different functions with ease even when you are working hardwood and thick pieces of wood. The woodworking machine comes with only one motor that operates the entire workstation and therefore you can be sure that all the functions will be powered by the same reliable and powerful motor.

You also get a professional made table top usually made using cast iron or other high quality materials that give you the stability you need when cutting wood. These materials also ensure you are able to achieve high levels of precision when working with the tools available with your woodworking machine.

Lida woodworking machine is the leader in the market today because it provides high accuracy, superior power, durability and exceptional performance that every professional woodworker is looking for.